The Best Ways to Clear Your Pores

Posted by Vivek Naidu on

The first thing most people notice about you is your face, so make sure it looks great. One way you can do so is by keeping your pores clear. By eliminating buildup and other nasty debris on your face, you’ll reduce acne breakouts and revitalize your face.

Here’s what you can do to clear your pores and have a flawless complexion:

1. Wash your face regularly with the proper cleanser. This tip is pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how often men fail to follow this simple step. Either we’re too busy and forget about it, or we use a harsh product like bar soap that can dry out your skin and make matters worse. Use a daily face wash designed specifically for men’s skin, and see the difference!

2. Deep clean your face 2-3 times a week. A face wash is a great first defense against clogged pores, but the real game-changer is a face scrub. Why? Two words: exfoliating beads. These tiny beads make a big difference on your skin; they provide a deep clean and really dig down to buff away dead skin cells and other junk. Word of caution: Don’t use this product every day or you risk irritating your skin.

3. Soak up oil with a face mask. A green tea and clay mask is your best weapon against oil. The advanced mask absorbs excess oil, leaving your face less shiny. It’s the perfect way to relax after a long day at work – the feeling you get on your skin is impossible to describe. Watch this video to find out how to apply a face mask and start seeing results.

4. Stop touching your face. This tip cannot be stressed enough. Throughout the day, your hands (specifically, your fingertips) are in contact with pore-clogging debris all day. Whatever you do, do not transfer this junk to your face. If you have absolutely have to touch your face, make sure you wash your hands beforehand. Also, refrain from picking at any existing pimples. If you pick at acne breakouts, your chance of developing acne scars skyrockets. Don’t do it!