Our Story

We are a Kiwi men’s grooming online retailer with nationwide reach. We live by the notion that masculinity and selfcare is the ultimate sophistication. In everything we do, we want to make sure that our products deliver what men from all walks of life need.  We keep our offerings simple, but significant, remove all excess and clutter and intently focus on quality products, ingredients that goes into them and eco friendliness. As a retailer we are about well-made products imbued with history, about providing a rare combination of cost effectiveness and longevity, offering discerning gentlemen, the best time-tested classic and modern grooming brands that the world has to offer.

Our unceasing goal is to provide our customers with skincare and grooming brands that have been "marked by truth" which retails at a fair price, we are about offering the discerning men a rare combination of well-made, classic grooming products with longevity. We are on a journey to restore desire, to strip back thoughts, and to preserve the past by making it work in the present.