Milkman Grooming Co After Shave Serum (Summer Waves) 100ml

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This is a game changer. It's an alcohol-free after shave that not only soothes, it moisturises with top shelf botanicals & has you smelling great, in record time. In one easy application, you'll notice::

1) No sting!

2) Your skin feels soft & supple after shaving, instead of dry or flakey.

3) Any irritation is calmed as the soothing aloe vera extract, anti-oxidants & deeply hydrating botanicals go to work.

4) A seasonal fragrance that will get you noticed.

5) Less clutter and more time. As this After Shave Serum takes the place of several products at once.

6) You don't need to apply a fragrance. The stunning Winter Wood fragrance will get you noticed with cedarwood, sandalwood & peaty notes. It's like sitting by the fire in a wood cabin as the snow cuts through the chill night air outside.




We don't just use any water. The water in our products is purified on site using a solar powered, 5-stage reverse osmosis machine with carbon filter.

Hyaluronic Acid

A deeply moisturising botanical that's usually made naturally by the skin, but depletes with age. Increases skin suppleness & vibrance.

Kakadu Plum Extract

An amazing native Australian extract, traditionally used as a medicine by indigenous Australians. It is known for its anti-oxidant effects.effects.


A tried & true moisturiser. Made from botanical origins, glycerine pulls moisture into the skin for amazing re-hydration.

Witch Hazel Extract

Straight from the bark, witch hazel extract is widely used for its soothing properties that are especially great for sensitive skin & post shave irritation.

Vitamin B5

Another amazing moisturiser for the skin. Vitamin B5 helps to make the skin more soft and elastic. It is also believed to help repair damaged skin.

Polysorbate 20

A non-toxic solubiliser with some mild soap-like qualities. It helps to dissolve the fragrance & keep the formula stable.


Created from botanical origins, allantoin is touted as an exceptional healing, moisturizing, soothing and anti-irritating agent.

Aloe Vera Leaf Extract

Traditionally used to soothe burns & irritation, we add a concentrate so that the level of aloe vera extract is comparable to the native plant.


A sprinkling of this paraben-free, formaldehyde-free preservative helps keep the after shave stable & free of nasties.

Potassium Sorbate

Another non-toxic preservative that's widely used to keep food & cosmetics free from contamination.


Choose from one of our seasonal scents Summer Waves (mint & lime), Autumn Leaves (whiskey barrel & dry leaves), Winter Wood (smoke & cedar) & Spring Rider (leather, lemongrass & ginger).



The best shave I have had in a long time!! I have sensitive skin and usually get a rash, but now not at all and face feels smooth like a babies bum!😀

Keith B. | Verified Buyer

This aftershave serum is excellent. I usually get really bad irritation under my neck after shaving and haven’t since using this! Will totally buy again and try the different scents!

Clint R. | Verified Buyer

These are the softest and highest quality after shave products I’ve ever used. Hard to imagine a nicer smelling or higher quality product.

Dominic S. | Verified Buyer