Milkman Grooming Co Beardrometer™ Beard Shaper

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Take the guess work out of shaping your beard.

With one simple tool, you can get that perfect beard shape every time.

  1. Peach fuzz around your cheeks & neckline can make your beard look scruffy and may exaggerate beard patchiness. By getting rid of this area of sparse hair you create a margin of dense hair that makes your beard look thicker & neater - as if you've just stepped out of a barber shop.
  2. We used to recommend doing this freehand but now we've found a solution that will give reliable & accurate results. Our "Beardrometer" Beard Shaper is compatible with razors & electric trimmers. It can be used to produce gorgeous natural looking beard lines quickly.
  3. It also comes with 2 combs with different gauges to help guide your cutting, plus a brush for cleaning your trimmer afterwards.
  4. Dimensions: Length: 115mm - Width: 115mm. Made from matte black plastic with nylon bristle.