BLUEBEARDS REVENGE Beard / Moustache Scissors

Bluebeards Revenge

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Keep a stiff upper lip and a sculpted jawline with our pocket-sized Beard and Moustache Scissors. Finished in a striking metallic blue, these compact scissors are great for beard maintenance on the move.

  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre around tricky-to-style areas.
  • Small enough to be stowed away in a pocket or travel bag.
  • Scissors feature a rounded safety tip to minimise the risk of nicks and cuts.
  • Made from durable stainless steel and finished in a striking metallic blue.
  • Scissors are etched with our iconic skull and crossbones logo – a seal of approval from barbers all over the world.

Directions for use
Carefully cut and shape your beard hair into your desired style with our Beard and Moustache Scissors, paying close attention to those hard-to-style areas. Wipe scissors clean before storing in a dry place between uses.

Stainless Steel