Bluebeards Revenge

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The cut-throat shaving method of shaving is arguably the closest shave you can possibly enjoy and is usually the domain of a skilled barber. But, for the brave and steady of hand amongst us, you can enjoy the thrills and spills of shaving in the traditional style with Bluebeard's Cut-Throat Shaving Set. Containing everything you need (bar the actual blades which are available separately) to test your mettle, this gift set is ideal for those not faint of heart!

None of this comes at a price to the planet either as Bluebeards are on a mission to reduce our waste profile. Wherever possible they use high quality, 100% recycled plastic bottles allowing them to be refilled or repurposed. The tins are made from infinitely recyclable aluminum and are designed to be topped-up or repurposed for years to come.

This set contains:

  • Pre-Shave Oil
  • Shaving Cream
  • Post-Shave Balm
  • Doubloon Synthetic Shaving Brush
  • Cutthroat Razor
  • Shaving and Hand Towel

Original Scent: A fresh and masculine blend of Madagascan vanilla, classic sandalwood and patchouli.

Eco-Friendly: Comes packaged in sturdy, quirky hand-drawn flash art cardboard gift box which is 100% recyclable or reusable.  Cut-Throat razor uses double-edge blades – economic and infinitely recyclable.