BLUEBEARDS REVENGE Shaving Cream Refill Pouch 500ml

Bluebeards Revenge

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Upgrade your shave with our traditional barbershop Shaving Cream Refill Pouch! This eco-friendly refill pouch contains a vegan formula shaving cream that is specially designed to protect and rehydrate your skin during and after a traditional wet shave.

It provides up to three full refills of our reusable Shaving Cream Aluminium Tin and can be widely recycled after use.

Original Scent: a fresh and masculine blend of Madagascan vanilla, classic sandalwood and patchouli.

Size: 500ml

  • Our award-winning Shaving Cream is championed by barbers and shaving enthusiasts all over the world for its rich and effective lather. It can be used with or without a shaving brush to soften stubble and lift hairs for a super-smooth wet shave!
  • The natural moisturising properties of coconut oil in our Shaving Cream help to provide long-lasting hydration that nourishes the skin, offering epic protection during and after a shave.
  • Our barbershop Shaving Cream features our long-lasting Original scent: a fresh and masculine blend of Madagascan vanilla, classic sandalwood and patchouli.
  • This traditional Shaving Cream for men has been carefully formulated to exclude all animal products so it is 100% vegan friendly and cruelty free.
  • This eco-friendly refill pouch is widely recyclable along with our Shaving Cream Aluminium Tins, meaning your possibilities are endless so you can repurpose or recycle.

Directions for use
Remove pouch cap and gently squeeze contents into one of our refillable Shaving Cream Aluminium Tins (sold separately). Replace cap and store in a cool, dry place between refills.

Aqua, stearic acid, myristic acid, potassium hydroxide, coconut fatty acid, glycerin, parfum, sodium hydroxide, triethanolamine, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin, benzyl benzoate, linalool, limonene.