Bluebeards Revenge

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Revive flat, lifeless hair with our responsibly sourced beech wood Vent Brush. This essential hair accessory has been expertly designed to increase the accuracy of airflow during heated styling – carefully placed vents help to direct the warm air produced by hairdryers, while blue-tipped bristles protect your scalp.

  • A responsibly sourced (FSC) beech wood body with a natural varnish gives our Vent Brush a unique and striking look.
  • Long, durable handle makes for easy styling.
  • Anti-static polyamide bristles help to guide hair into place while blue nylon tips protect the scalp.
  • Brush is engraved with our iconic skull and crossbones logo – a seal of approval from barbers all over the world.

Directions for use
Use our Vent Brush to gently lift sections of your damp hair. With your hairdryer, concentrate the airflow through the brush’s vents to maximise volume and hold. Wash your brush often and store in a dry place between uses.

Beech wood, polyamide bristles, nylon beads.

FSC: Our brushes are made to the mark of responsible forestry.