BOSSMAN Shower Brush


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Get instant dandruff relief and exfoliation with Bossman's Beard and Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush! Our Scalp Massager doubles down as a Beard & Scalp Shampoo Brush that stimulates hair growth by increasing blood flow and opening up your pores for optimal nutrient delivery. This brush will help with moisturizing to fighting against beard itch and scalp dandruff. If you think we’re a bit biased (which we are) head over to the product page and read some of our rave reviews from real customers.

  • Fits nicely in the palm of your hand for easy use and a firm hold.
  • Massages scalp by lifting away dead skin cells and stimulates blood flow.
  • Strengthens hair roots and nourishes hair shafts.
  • Helps with Beard and Dandruff Relief, exfoliates, and promotes quicker hair and beard growth.

Durable design. Easy to use, fits perfectly into the palm of your hand for a firmer hold. Works great with Fortifying Beard Conditioner or and Exfoliating Charcoal Soap

Get your beardruff and clogged pores under control with powerful bristles that massage and lift away dead skin cells while opening up your pores for a more powerful nutrient and vitamin delivery to your hair follicles and cells.