LAYRITE Liquid Cream Shave Tube 118ml


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Glide your razor through the refreshing, thick lather across your face with Layrite Liquid Shave Cream that shall help prevent redness & inflammation and protect your skin from nicks & cuts.

Suited for all skin types
Rich and Creamy formula
Soothes and Hydrates skin
Provides smoothest, cleanest skin
Made in USA

Since 1999, Layrite has rightfully earned its reputation as the USA's premiere maker of barber styling products. This shaving cream uses a rich creamy formula that provides supreme glide and slickness with the smoothest shave. The result is a comfortable, irritation-free shave with reduced bumps and redness while hydrating your skin as well.

Complete your shave with Layrite After Shave Balm that shall leave your skin smooth and fresh while protecting it from redness and rashes.

To use, first rinse your face with warm water. Next, squeeze a small amount of the shaving cream onto the palms, and massage onto the skin. Rinse clean after shaving and pat dry with a towel.