LUCKY TIGER Aspen After Shave 473ml

Lucky Tiger

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Just looking through the bottle and seeing the bright blue color of Lucky Tiger Aspen After Shave, you can practically feel how cool and soothing it is when splashed on your skin. Once you try it, you'll notice the feeling is even better than you imagined it would be. Thanks to the spicy scent that is also clean, fresh, and long lasting, women will love it almost as much as you do.

There is certainly an old school feel that comes with Aspen, which is why many people actually refer to it as a barbershop aftershave. Visualize yourself stepping back in time, heading down to the corner for a quick shave and a haircut by the hands of a crusty old-timer. The entire scene would be black and white, except for the shockingly vivid blue liquid shining through the bottle.

That vintage style continues down to the label, which features that Bengal Tiger ready to pounce ' just like you will be after using this aftershave. Just like old times, you can use it to look good, smell great, and maybe even get lucky

  • Clean, spicy scent
  • Cool, and light menthol
  • Refreshes and tones the skin after shaving
  • 473ml
  • Made in USA

Splash on some of Lucky Tiger's aspen aftershave to instantly cool, tone, and refresh after shaving. It leaves an invigorating, masculine scent.

To use, apply a small amount and pat into skin, then press to ensure all product is absorbed.

SD Alcohol 40, Water, Propylene Glycol, Fragrance, FD & C Blue No.