LUCKY TIGER Ointment 113g

Lucky Tiger

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Formulated for any man that wants to treat skin conditions from dandruff to Psoriasis, this ointment provides relief from itching, burns and even razor burn. It’s also ideal for the man with sensitive skin.
Use as a razor bump treatment to fight, reduce and help stop irritations caused by shaving, including the redness associated with razor burn. Recommended for a host of scalp and skin problems, it is the ideal grooming product for any discerning man with sensitive skin.

  • Clams rashes, itching, dandruff, bites and burns
  • Apply post-shave to cool skin
  • Use on hands to prevent drying and cracking
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

Size: 113g
Sailcytic Acid 1.8%, Sulphur 5%, Petrolatum, Fragrance, Paraffin, Corn Starch, Oxyquinoline, D&C Yellow No.11