Menscience Advanced Shave Formula 165ml


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This revolutionary foamless formula provides an extra-close shave with no irritation. A unique consistency produces a thick, lubricating layer that completely covers the skin and allows shaving in any direction for several passes without reapplication. Professional-grade ingredients help avoid razor burn and irritation, while salicylic acid helps keep a clear and smooth complexion. Ideal for sensitive skin. 

No other shaving product contains Salicylic Acid, a powerful ingredient that maintains the skin smooth and clear. Ideal for sensitive skin because it’s formulated without soap which strips moisture from the skin’s surface.

  • An advanced foamless shaving formula for men.
  • Formulated with professional-grade ingredients to eliminate razor burn & irritation.
  • Blended with salicylic acid to unclog congested pores clear breakouts & ingrown hairs.
  • Creates a thick lubricating layer that intensively shields skin.
  • Gives an extra-close shave without irritating skin.
  • Facilitates shaving in all directions without reapplication.
  • Great for normal & sensitive skin.