MUHLE R 95 Rocca safety razor, birch bark handle


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The Muhle ROCCA R95 closed comb stainless steel safety razor is beautifully simple, modern, distinctive, and made from the finest and most durable, and robust stainless steel with a birch bark handle for a great shave.

The satin finish provides a close grip in your hand while maintaining a pleasing elegant aesthetic.

Although a relatively new Rocca range series from MÜHLE, ROCCA's heritage is still very evident. The design of this range is a further development of classic MÜHLE models; the name ROCCA (from the Italian for castle or fort) refers to the very best materials that will last a lifetime and beyond.

The Material - For thousands of years, birch bark held a similar technical standard to that of synthetic materials used today. With the varied, discrete texture, the birch bark convinces at first touch with its pleasant, comfortable warm feel. The material is extremely long-lasting, easy to grip, even when wet, and easy to care for.


Its uninterrupted lines from attachment to base make it both beautiful and practical a close shave. Thanks to its ergonomic shape and the surface structure of the handle, it feels good in your hand. It turns an everyday ritual into a daily design experience.

The surface structure of the handle is a modern interpretation of the knurl on the handle of a classic safety razor. The birch bark structure not only provides a contrasting accent to the satin-finished stainless steel but is also very tactile, offering excellent grip.


  • 3 piece safety razor design
  • Slightly matt finish closed comb head
  • Made of the very best materials with the highest quality standards
  • Mild to Medium aggressiveness sensitive skin

Muhle R95 Rocca Birch Bark Handle Stainless Steel Safety Razor Features:
Safety Bar- Closed Comb
Used with any standard DE blades

Length: 4.13 inches (105mm)
Weight:  4.23 ounces (120 grams)
Made in Stutzengrun, Germany

Handle material: Birch Bark & Stainless Steel
Razor head material: 316-grade durable stainless steel