THE BEARDED CHAP Luxe Duo Kit - Brawny 3ml Oil & 100ml Wash

The Bearded Chap

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The Luxe Beard Duo Kit is the perfect everyday kit for the bearded chap who wants a beardruff free, moisturised and clean beard. (Please note, packaging for the Rugged Luxe Duo kit is sold out, It will come in a Bearded Chap Branded presentation box)

Our Luxe Beard Duo Kit features our best selling Original Beard Oil to moisturise the beard and face, stopping itchiness, beardruff and softening down the beard, while our Original Beard Wash keeps the beard clean as a whistle as it gently moisturises the skin and beard without stripping all the natural oils from your face and beard. Made right here in Australia, both products are 100% natural and contain no nasty's. You can use our Beard Wash all over as a body wash also and comes in a presentation box, making it the perfect gift for yourself or someone else.

How to use it
Beard Oil
Place 4-6 drops of Original Beard Oil in palm of hand. Rub into hands and massage upward into the beard and skin, making sure you get under your chin and cheeks. To finish groom beard down in style as usual.

Beard Wash
Apply small hand full of Beard Wash to the beard and rinse. Repeat for a silky soft, clean beard. Use daily or as needed. Can also be used a s an all over body wash.

What you get
Original Beard Oil: 30ml/1oz Brawny Beard Oil
Original Beard Wash: 100ml Brawny Beard Wash 

Beard Wash Scent
Brawny: Himalayan Cedar wood - Strong cedar wood scent