WILKINSON Sword Double Edge Razor Blades 5pc


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Wilkinson Sword Double Edge Blades are a popular choice that have been used since the 1950's and well-known for their sharpness and comfort.
  • 8/10 sharpness
  • Excellent glide and comfort
  • Better than average longevity
  • PTFE coating
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • 1x 5 blade pack
  • Made in Germany

Now manufactured using a new triple coating process of chromium to resist corrosion, ceramic for added durability, and PTFE for less irritation. The latest version of this classic blade maintains its edge even longer along with an incredibly smooth, close, and comfortable shave. 

To avoid excessive wear on the blade leading to dulling, make sure to rinse the blade after each use - never wipe it.